Center for Social Emotional Learning

We are a learning design company creating curriculum, pedagogy, training material and assessments to build social-emotional skills for preK-12 learners, vocational learners, teachers and parents.


We collaborate with and serve organizations and stakeholders that are aligned with our vision.

Clients and Believers

Re-imagine Learning:

What would it take to have learners actively experiencing connection, capability, confidence and compassion, and equipped to create a future that serves them and their communities?

Re-imagine Well-Being:

WHO (2019) has found that globally, depression is one of the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents. In a deficit-focused, punitive environment that puts children through extensive ranking processes, it is not surprising that children grow up making sense of themselves and the world through this lens of social ranking, frequently arriving at distorted conclusions about their worthiness, such as “I am not good enough”.

How might we change the lens through which children, supported by their parents and teachers, process all experiences – successes and failures – in a new way?

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